Monday, August 25, 2008

LED Firefly Idea

I'm currently digging to find out how to make a cool little PIC micro controlled LED Firefly. Which can detect if it's light or dark and blink when it's dark only.

This came from an Instructables link for LED Fireflies Prototype. They are the natural extension of the "LED throwies" which are always on and are cool.

So starting out I've been digging for where to start and though I should keep track of the thing's I've found so far on here.

PIC Micro:
Found a cool development kit for only $36 which should provide a decent starting point for playing around with PIC Micros. the PIC12F683 or it's little brother PIC12F675
After a bit of digging I'll be ordering the PICkit 1 starter kit for $36 probably along with a couple of additional PIC12F683/PIC12F675 chips.

Next part of this experiment is to figure out how you can use an LED as both input and output. A quick Google search provided parts of the answer but to figure out how I'm going to do this will probably require some tinkering.

* Make blog: LED touch sensor
* Bi-directional LEDs

More later

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